How it works

As you can see, your involvement is quick and easy. It’s the unique WOW-AO search engine that does all the legwork on your behalf.

Employees and Employers simply register and create their own individual account. 

Our forms are easy to use and will guide you through from start to finish. 

You will then have your own Dashboard on the WOW-AO website, which will allow you to track all activity, job offers and communications. 

Employers pay a daily, weekly or monthly subscription (FREE until [date tbc]). Registration is FREE for Employees.

  • EMPLOYEES :  Your objective is to detail all your relative experience and qualifications.  You will also complete a real-time diary, which will show employers the days and times you are available. It will also show your location at any given time – perfect if you’re travelling but looking for work as you go along. Your diary  can be updated at any time so you are always in control – and always available online.
  • EMPLOYERS : Your objective is to clearly define the location and type of vacancy you have.

The powerful WOW-AO search engine matches Employers with Employees based on experience, location and availability. The Live Diary search is unique to WOW-AO and shows every worker’s availability for every hour of every day, ensuring the fastest and most successful link up between jobs and people.


WOW-AO will put the Employer and Employee in contact. They will negotiate their own work arrangements and terms of employment. WOW-AO is not involved with this process and takes no payment other than the Employer’s original subscription fee.